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Windows is starting the command prompt only Windows正在启动命令字符模式
Windows will prompt you to confirm each startup command Windows将提示你确认每一个启动命令
The compression driver cannot be set up correctly 压缩驱动程序不能被正确加载
Get a version from your vendor that is compatible with this version of Windows 从你的供应商那里获得一个与Windows版本相兼容的版本
Process the system registry 运行系统注册表
Create a startup log file (BOOTLOG.TXT) 创建启动日志BOOTLOG.TXT文件
Process your startup device drivers (CONFIG.SYS) 运行CONFIG.SYS文件中的设备驱动
Process your startup command file (AUTOEXEC.BAT) 运行AUTOEXEC.BAT中的启动命令
Load the Windows graphical user interface 装入WINDOWS图形用户界面(GDI)
Warning: Windows has detected a registry/configuration error. Choose, Command prompt only, and run SCANREG 警告:Windows检测到一个注册表或配置错误选择DOS操作模式,运行SCANREG
Warning: Windows has detected a compressed drive access error. Choose Safe mode command prompt only, to help you identify the problem 警告:Windows检测到一个访问压缩驱动器错误,选择安全模式下的MS-DOS,来帮助你识别这个问题
Warning: Windows did not finish loading on the previous attempt. Choose Safe mode, to start Windows with a minimal set of drivers 警告:Windows在刚才尝试后不能够完成加载,选择安全模式,用最小驱动启动你的电脑
Warning: Windows multi-boot may not function correctly Check for system files in your root directory with conflicting extensions警告:Windows不能够正确完成多系统启动,在你的ROOT目录里检查不一致的系统文件
Warning: the system configuration manager failed to run. Some of your real-mode device drivers may not initialize properly 警告:系统管理器运行失败,一些实模式驱动可能没有正确初始化
The BUFFERS setting(s) in your CONFIG.SYS file are too large. Default buffer settings will be used instead
A memory allocation error occurred during startup Restart your computer and select Interactive Start to identify the problem
Warning: the high memory area (HMA) is not available Additional low memory (below 640K) will be used instead 警告:高端内存不可用,低端内存将被代替使用
There is not enough memory for Windows. Remove some drivers from your CONFIG.SYS file, and then try again
Your previous MS-DOS files were not found. 旧的MS-DOS文件没有找到,这常见于使用双启动的系统,另一个系统是DOS6
Your previous MS-DOS version is not supported. MS-DOS startup failed 旧的MS-DOS版本不支持。MS-DOS启动失败
Now loading your previous version of MS-DOS, please wait 现在正在加载旧的MS-DOS版本,请等待
Invalid setting in the MSDOS.SYS file:An internal stack overflow has caused this session to be halted
Change the STACKS setting in your CONFIG.SYS file, and then try again 请改变CONFIG.SYS文件中的STACK设置,然后再试
Stack overflow 堆栈溢出
Integer divide by 0 整数被0除
Not enough space for environment 没有足够的空间
Run-time error 运行错误
Floating-point support not loaded 浮点运算支持没有装入
Null pointer assignment 无效的断点分配
Stack overflow 堆栈溢出
Integer divide by 0 分母是0
Not enough space for environment 磁盘没有足够的空间
Run-time error 时钟错误
No fixed disks present 没有硬盘存在
Insufficient memory 内存不足
Invalid drive specification 无效的驱动器名
Invalid characters in volume label 无效的盘符
Invalid Volume ID 无效的卷标ID号
No target drive specified 目标驱动器没有定义
missing operating system 系统文件丢失
Non system Disk or Disk Error 不是系统盘或磁盘错误
Replace Disk and Press Anykey To Reboot 替换磁盘,按任意键重新启动
Cannot find System Files 不能找到系统文件
System transferred 系统传送完毕
Disk unsuitable for system disk 目标磁盘不适合做系统盘
Unable to write BOOT. 不能写引导扇区
Invalid media type 无效的磁盘类型
Parameters not supported 参数不支持
Cannot format a network drive 不能格式化网络驱动器
Invalid media or Track 0 bad - disk unusable 无效的磁盘或0磁道损坏,磁盘不可用
format terminated 格式化终止
Disk Boot failure 磁盘BOOT区错误
Invalid system disk 无效的系统磁盘
Disk I/O error,Replace the disk, and then press any key 磁盘I/O错误,请换盘后按任意键。通常在读写软盘时出现此类错误
Non-System disk or disk error,Replace and strike any key when ready 无系统的磁盘或磁盘错误,请替换后按任意键
Too many open files 打开的文件太多
Access denied Insufficient memory 没有足够的内存访问被拒绝
Invalid drive specification 无效的盘符说明
Parse Error XX 分析错误 XX
Incorrect MS-DOS version 不正确的MS-DOS版本
X% percent completed 格式化正在进行,已经完成X%
format complete. 格式化完成
XX bytes in bad sectors XX字节的坏扇区
XX bytes total disk space 磁盘的全部空间为XX字节
XX bytes available on disk 磁盘的可使用空间为XX字
Volume label (11 characters, ENTER for none)? 请输入磁盘卷标(总共11个字符,按回车为空)
format not supported on drive X format命令不支持驱动器X
Invalid device parameters from device driver 无效的设备驱动参数
Error writing FAT 写FAT表错误
Error writing directory 写DIR目录表错误
Cannot format an ASSIGN or SUBST drive 不能格式化ASSIGN和SUBST指定的驱动器
Cannot find System Files 没有找到系统文件
Cannot format a network drive 不能格式化网络驱动器
Invalid characters in volume label 磁盘卷标中存在非法字符
Parameters not supported 参数不支持
format terminated 格式化意外终止
Disk unsuitable for system disk 这个磁盘不适合作为系统盘
Unable to write BOOT 不能写BOOT区
Error reading directory 读DIR目录区错误
No target drive specified 目的驱动器没有说明
and press ENTER when ready 准备好后按回车键
System transferred 系统传送完毕
Enter current volume label for drive X 请为驱动器X输入磁盘的卷标
Parameters not compatible with fixed disk 参数与硬盘不兼容
Volume Serial Number is XXXX 分区格式化时随机产生的序列号是:XXXX
format broken 格式化被强行终止
format not available on drive XX 不能在驱动器XX上使用格式化命令
on-System disk or disk error 没有系统盘或磁盘错误
Bad Partition Table 错误的硬盘分区表
Parameters not supported by drive 该驱动器不支持这些参数
Insert DOS disk in drive A 请在驱动器A中插入DOS系统盘
WARNING, ALL DATA ON NON-REMOVABLE DISK DRIVE %1: WILL BE LOST! Proceed with 警告:硬盘分区X中的所有数据都将丢失,确定执行格式化命令?
format another (Y/N)?! 还格式化其他盘吗


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